BMR Shrimp Feed Plant is located at Damavaram, Nellore District at Andhra Pradesh. It is India’s First Aquaculture Feed Plant with Buhler Technology. We have the capability to maintain consistent quality of shrimp feed with our best raw materials &quality control procedures.



Quality Nutrition will give fastest growth in lesser days of culture, expertise in hatcheries, farms and processing plant. Simultaneously, special care is given here at the Feed Plant to produce only the most premium of feeds. The new improved formulated BMR shrimp feed with balanced nutritional values ensures optimal shrimp health & growth. Harvest Gold shrimp feed from BMR is the second to none.

With our high-tech approach quality feed made from the best ingredients helps maximizes the shrimp growth and it has optimum water stability. Feed is prepared with steam dried premium fish meal, squid meal, soya meal, wheat flour, phospholipids, fish soluble, fish oil, vitamins and essential minerals. BMR- Shrimp feed comes in Crumble (1 & 2), Mini Pellet (3S), Starter Pellet (3M), Pre-Grower (3P), Grower-1 (4S), Grower-2 (4) and Finisher (5) forms for every stage of healthy shrimp development and optimal growth improvement.

Total Feed Plant Production Capacity

75,000 MT x 2 plants = 1,50,000 MT/ year.

  • In addition, the feed plant has its own well equipped QA &QC laboratory to test the batches of feed production (in line process control) and packed feed (quality assurance) analysis too. Thereby ensuring highest quality feed to the Farmers.
  • Our R&D team is committed to upgrade the feed formulation time to time.
  • BMR shrimp feed is certified with BAP, ISO, EIA and HACCP – Food safety.

BMR Feed types are


Premium Vannamei Feed


Black Tiger Vannamei Feed


Eco friendly / Economical Vannamei Feed

We deliver cost-effective and outstanding shrimp feeds throughout the nation, for a sustainable production of healthy and delicious shrimps. With our best quality imported vitamin and mineral premixes, we provide innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. Here are some of the benefits of using BMR shrimp feeds:

  • Fast consumption, better attractable, better performance
  • Low FCR, better water quality, cost-effectiveness of using feed
  • Low dust level improves water quality
  • Good water durability, better water quality
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Enriched Amino acid profile & immunity booster
  • Best Quality imported vitamin and mineral Premixes
  • Digestible protein
  • Excellent sources of cholesterol through usage of quality raw material
  • World Best Quality Buhler Machineries helps us for the batch weighment accuracy & minimize the nutrients loss
  • Better grinding improves the homogeneity and water durability
  • Mineral premixes improve the metabolic function and activate the body
  • Vitamin premixes avoid stress and promote the growth
  • Digestible protein minimizes the toxicity of ammonia and improves growth
  • Phospholipids improves the growth and low FCR
  • Minimized leaching and optimized nutrients


  • High quality raw materials assuring safety feed
  • Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • Stringent tests for evaluation of raw materials quality
  • Proper storage facility
  • Strict process controls& quality assurances
  • Excellent packing & handling facilities
  • Resolving farmer complaints within 48 hours
  • Close monitoring and testing at every stage right from the raw material to the finished product – best quality control team.
  • Adequate traceability system
  • Consistent interaction with farmers to take the feedback and improve the performance
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Best Quality imported vitamin and mineral Premixes
  • Good Attractants
  • Excellent sources of cholesterol through usage of Quality Raw material


The BMR Group - Chairman Dr.Beeda Masthan Rao introduced Penaeus vannamei Shrimps to India in 2003.

The Chairman Sri.BMR is called as a Father of Vannamei in India.

BMR Group is India's first vertically integrated farmed shrimp producer to earn four-star certification against the Global Aquaculture Alliances Best Aquaculture practise program.

BMR Feed Division got BAP,ISO,EIA,CAA,MPEDA certifications for our quality products.

The Chairman Sri Beeda Masthan Rao is recipient of the prestigious INDIAN LEADER AWARD for the year 2017 (Aquaculture) from Ministry of Commerce Government of India.

BMR shrimp farm becomes first in India with ASC Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification.


Quality Nutrition will give fastest growth in lesser days of culture with best FCR