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BMR Trust - Youth Empowerment Interventions Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)

Guidelines for Entrepreneurship Development Programmes Implementation

1.0. Context

BMR Trust (earlier known as BMR Charitable Trust) is established in 2004 under Societies Registration Act in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. The primary aim of the Trust is to design, plan and implement projects/programs for the all-round development of poor and needy people of Andhra Pradesh. Since its formation, BMR Trust has been assisting deprived and needy persons/families/communities to enable them to improve their lives and livelihoods for the last two decades. BMR Trust has been rendering services in the areas of health care, education, providing livelihoods, housing, creating employment through skills, and assisting in creating village infrastructure like the formation of roads, electricity, water, school buildings etc. The projects are not only invigorating the target people but also helping them to have sustainable economic activities. Many developmental interventions done by the Trust are in coordination with the schemes of State and Central governments.

2.0. Present Focus

BMR Trust is now focusing on empowering youth and women in the SPSR Nellore District to create income generation activities through two categories of programs: a) General Entrepreneurship Development Programs (GEDPs) for the creation of micro and small business enterprises; b) Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Programs (ESDPs) to secure employment in both public and private sectors. As part of these two programs, the right career guidance would also be given to those who are interested to pursue further higher studies. These are not water-tight compartments but can be flexible based on candidates’ capabilities. Initially, BMR Trust will take initiatives to kick-start the programs with its own funds in Nellore District and, later successful programs will be implemented on a larger scale through tapping resources of the schemes of State and Central governments to cover more number of people/groups in Andhra Pradesh State.

The plan of activities is given as follows:

3.0. One Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign (EAC)

3.1. Releasing Information to Media: Advertisement to press, electronic and social media, inviting prospective candidates to apply through e-mails/posts for a one-day awareness campaign (Prescribed Application Format may be available on the website)

3.2. Conducting One Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign (EAC):

During this campaign, sessions are organized on the topics like requirement of entrepreneurial behavior, opportunities of manufacturing and service enterprises in the District, self-finance, and scope for financial assistance from institutions like banks, legal and statutory procedures, and sales and market feasibility. By the end of the program, candidates will be selected for a 2-week GEDP and longer duration ESDP (If required the adequate number of candidates is not available, more EACs may be organized).

4.0. General Entrepreneurship Development Program (GEDP)

The candidates selected through EAC form a batch for conducting longer duration EDP for transforming them into promising entrepreneurs to establish chosen business enterprises. BMR Trust will play a mentor role in guiding, monitoring, and troubleshooting the process of successful launching of enterprises

4.1 The details of GEDP

Batch size: 35
Duration: 2-4 weeks

4.3. Monitoring and providing escort services

• A separate detailed program schedule will be made before the commencement of the program.
• • At the end of the program, BMR Trust will involve the bankers / financial institutions to issue loan sanction letters to successful trained candidates.

4.2. Major Training Modules to be covered:

• Entrepreneurial Motivation Training (EMT)
• Project selection and feasibility
• Project report preparation
• Financial management: Term loan, working capital, and own funds
• Market survey & growth strategy
• Managerial inputs
• Business accounting
• Legal formalities & procedures for launching a business enterprise
• Business plan appraisal by leading financial institutions & loan disbursement

5.0 Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programs (ESDPs)

The candidates who are selected for securing employment from awareness camps can be formed into batches to organize specific sector skills training. Job-oriented skills, which have demand, are to be identified in the District. The batch size and duration of training can be decided based on the nature and type of the identified skills. In this case, 70% may be practical and 30% may be theory inputs. After skills training, BMR Trust will facilitate secure jobs in both public and private organizations. For this type of program, good technical instructors and field training facilities are very essential.

During the training, in the case of some candidates who are shown keen interest to set up skill-based business ventures may be organized into a group and conduct a short EDP to nurture them as successful entrepreneurs (as per the above guidelines).

If the above initiatives are successful, BMR Trust may tap the resources of State and National level organizations for organizing the programs on a larger scale.

With the above two types of entrepreneurship training, BMR Trust can attract prospective unemployed youth towards the development of self-business ventures and securing decent jobs for improving their livelihoods.